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RIPO is one of the leading companies in Latvia providing customized interior designs.


We have created wonderfully unique homes since 1993.

Let us help you to create

your dream wardrobe!

No home is identical. We all have different expectations and needs for storage, as well as our own style. The need for customized furniture increases every day.


At RIPO there are no limitations! Each product is customized from scratch, according to your vision, style and budget.


Every part of our products, such as sliding doors and wardrobes, can be shaped in both height and width to fit perfectly in your home - even if your ceiling or floor is uneven. Your personal design can be made even more unique by our wide range of colors, materials and fillings.

All interiors are manufactured in our factory based on specification.

Our custom solutions create space by utilizing every cubic meter in your home. They also look fantastic!


-Wardrobes & Walk-in closets

-Sliding & Folding doors


Choose between wide range of materials, colors, fillings and sizes. 


-Free personal consultation

-Measurements in your home

-Customized solutions with drawings

-Delivery & Installation


Send us
a message
 or call us! 

Thank you!

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